For private households

Have you ever tried to preserve that half watermelon? What about the bowl of stainless steel with your pancake mix? We know how difficult that can be. That’s why we invented Eazycover, to make your day in the kitchen more fun and your food stay fresh much longer.

Use it in your microwave or just stuff your left overs into the freezer with an eazycover. It stays put where other plastic film just makes a mess.

Eazycovers are manufactured using only polyethene and natural rubber, no bisphenol (BPA) or sticky ingredients needed. With Eazycover you will use less plastic and throw away less food, which is good for the environment.

The product is sold to Retail in all three sizes; Small (10p), Medium (10p) and Large (5p). Below you’ll find some of our retail customers.

Here are some of our Retail distributors:

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