Eazycover Small

Eazycover Small™

Elastic Food Cover – Size Ø26cm – GN1/4, GN1/6, GN1/9

Eazycover Small™ is our smallest cover-size made to cover smaller plates, bowls and other oven dishes. The cover is mostly used to cover bowls with sauce, fresh vegetables or smaller portions of leftovers. The cover can be opened and resealed many times and can withstand fridge, freezer (-30°C), microwave and oven (up to 100°C for 15min). With the tight seal, the cover eliminates cross contamination, while the food is kept fresher for longer.

Eazycover Small™ is being sold to both private households (Retail) and professional kitchens (HoReCa)

The package for Retail contains 10 covers while the HoReCa package contains 200 covers.

Eazpac also offers private label to some customers in Europe, where the retail package might contain mixed sizes.

Item details


Eazycover Small – Ø26cm

Item no: 460103

Covers/HoReCa pack: 200

Packs/transport box: 13

Covers/transport box: 2600

Transport boxes/pallet: 12

Covers/pallet: 31200

Language(s) on packaging: EN


Eazycover Small 10p

Item no: 460203

Covers/Retail pack: 10

Retail packs/transport box: 12

Covers/transport box (display): 120

Transport boxes/pallet: 126

Covers/pallet: 15120

Language(s) on packaging: EN, SE, DK, FI, NO, DE, ES, PL

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