Eazycover simplifies the handling of food in restaurants and professional kitchens by supplementing the day-to-day use of plastic wraps, foil and traditional stainless lids. When you use Eazycover you will be surprised by how much faster and easier the handling of food becomes. It saves you material, time and money.

The heat-fused rubber band is what creates the tight seal around the food container. The food is kept fresh and moist while greatly reducing the risk for cross contamination. This is why public health inspectors love Eazycovers.

It takes no more than five seconds to cover a food container with Eazycover. This translates into time savings of 20-40 seconds per unit you cover, compared to using traditional plastic film. Best of all, you don’t need to move the food containers to a dedicated packaging station.

Here are some of our HoReCa partners:

“Eazycovers are simply a superb alternative to
the traditional plastic film we previously used.”

With Eazycover you can cover plates, bowls and even round containers in just a few seconds. Eazycover will adapt to the size and shape of your containers and create a perfect seal every time. A seal that stays tight after being opened and resealed many times.

The members of the Culinary Team of Finland, have had the pleasure of working together with Eazpac over the past year, and we are so far very satisfied with the outcome. During practice every step and all tasks are timed, measured and fine tuned in order for our team to meet the extremely tight deadlines during competitions.

“Our team members have now introduced Eazycovers at their respective restaurants and professional kitchens with an equally excellent result. We see that once our staff have tried Eazycovers, they never want to use anything else again.”

Samuel Mikander

Chef in the Culinary Team Finland

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